Which Is The Best B2B Platform For A Garment Business In India?


I need to expand my B2B channels for my products.

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B2B platforms platforms facilitate transaction between 2 businesses. The buyer buys merchandise not for personal use, but for reselling. Accordingly, there is specific requirements for business to business online platforms as opposed to anything related to consumers.

There are 2 distinct routes for b2b sales – wholesale and distribution.

If you want to sell in bulk (i.e. wholesale) through online platforms – perhaps only b2b e-commerce marketplace in India today is Udaan as most others either focus on different segment (BizonGo, Industrybuying) or closed down (Tolexo).

If you are planning to sell through distribution – then consider http://www.vanik.com/ for finding distributors. Please visit http://ezydistribution.com/

If you are planning to appoint franchise, then franchise-India could be useful. However, to have franchise, your brand must be very well known.

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