What Are The Distribution Channels One Uses To Distribute The Product Across Indian Market?


I need to know more about the available distribution channels

Amit Changed status to publish November 27, 2020

There are broadly 9 different channels available for distribution in Indian market. These are
1. Direct To Customer (Using Own Sales Force)
2. E-Commerce (B2C And B2B)
3. Wholesale
4. Distribution
5. Other Channels (Dealers, Stockists, Sales Agents, VAR etc.)
6. Organized Retail (Modern Trade)
7. Direct To Business – OEM Supply / 3rd Party Manufacturing / White Label Etc
8. Govt Sourcing
9. Export To Overseas Market
Depending upon product and available resources – brands use one or more channels. Selling through single channel is considered risky – so brands use more than one. For detail discussion on each of these channels – please view following blog


Amit Changed status to publish November 27, 2020
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