How Do I Get Distributorship For Famous Brand?


I want to get connected with some famous brands

Amit Changed status to publish December 5, 2020

Distributorship of famous brand is a crowded space – most regions may already have distributor. New opportunity in your region becomes available when

1. Existing distributor (if any) leaves the company or is removed by company
2. New distribution region is carved out of existing one by the company
3. The company introduces a new product, totally different from existing product line
In all cases, you need to prove your capability. Usually the company looks at your experience, especially on selling the same kind of products as the company planning to introduce in your area, investment capacity, kind of infrastructure available (e.g. sales team, godown, transportation and other logistics etc.).

If you have a specific company or brand in mind – contact the local representative of the company. Contact retailers, stockists in your area to reach this gentleman. If you are not particular about any brand and looking for new distribution opportunities – check dedicated portals like Vanik ( for distribution or Franchise India for franchises. Vanik offers free service to distributors.

Amit Changed status to publish December 5, 2020