Letter From A Distributor : How A Real Life Distribution Problem Was Successfully Solved

Hi Folks!!

As you know we are pursuing our Amazon Off Line Touch Point Easy Stores program to open 5 Lakh Stores in India in 2021 and bring On Line Ordering closer to you with an Assisted Sales model. In pursuit of our plan to follow the Distributor- Retailer -Customer FMCG route we were wondering how we can get into every City and Taluka and area in India and what would be the mind boggling costs involved to locate the same ? I’m sure all of us guys have the same issue to find new Distributors for new areas or even existing areas not covered adequately whatever your fields .

Believe me I was puzzled and worried !!!

Then one day I came across through a mailer which I initially ignored , a mail sent a few days ago but not gone through properly. It was from a Company called Vanik, ( Website www.vanik.com ) I am amazed at the site with more than 50,000 Distributors registered with them wanting new agencies and Thousands of Companies like ours and yours , offering Distribution for their products. This Platform has been running since 2006 or 2007 and in one go I am now able to locate my targets with full details of the people there and their business and investment ability in every single city and area within each city in minutes . So many offers from so many people there!!! I joined their program 3 days ago and have already received over a 100 mails from interested parties and the phone hasn’t stopped ringing!!!!

I strongly recommend to all you Folks , go through this website and join them in which ever program you like. I’m certain you will also find the right people there. And the platform puts you in touch directly at no charge or commission and has 1000s of contract drafts and commercial letters and so many advanced matrixes and algorithms so the queries keep coming and coming and coming !!Now full year round Ill be able to focus and not shoot in the dark !!.

And the CEO -Owner -Dada Amit Chatterjee is a real Cool guy- who spent an hour with me on a single request to immediately start helping me navigate the site and understand how I can optimize my usage for best results . Very useful 1 sometimes we don’t know what where !! And this is so easy to understand !!.

In these tough pandemic days when all businesses are down and looking to get on their feet again and drive the business at low cost again do try this out. I’m sure you will find its a boon and life saver for us all!!

Do keep updating all of us regularly with your progress to increase your business.!!!

Cheers and best wishes.!!!

Yours sincerely

Rajat Pandhi
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Mayur Vihar Phase 1,
New Delhi 110091
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President ,
Association of Resource Companies for the Hospitality Industry Of India
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