How To Double Sales – A Tested And Trusted Way

Every business wants to grow as fast as possible. Question: How your company Can Double Its Sales Within Next One Year. There are only two ways to achieve it – either hike product price if number of customer is to remain same – or, keep price same or even lower but increase number of customers. The second approach obviously makes sense but question is how exactly a company can reach far more customers and double its sales within a short period ? There’s a simple but proven way of reaching more customers and achieve far higher sales – Distribution

A distributor or dealer or agent sells ON YOUR BEHALF in cities, towns and villages across India where you otherwise would never have reached on your own – thus, adding more and more customers and consequently more sales. From giant manufacturers like Hindustan Lever, Nestle, ITC to small but smart entrepreneurs – all are using distribution channel to grow their sales. What’s stopping you ? What are your apprehensions and concerns ? In this mail – you will find your apprehensions addressed – leading to a solution. Please read on

  • Apprehension 1 : Cost – Its no secret that distribution channels cost money – the reason why only large companies with deep pockets have so far been able to build Pan-India distribution channels. Traditional way of building distribution channel by appointing army of ASMs And TSMs indeed cost lots of money, yet there’s no guarantee of success. However, there’s a smart digital way of achieving what ASMs and TSMs do at a very affordable cost and in record time. Shall explain it in a short while.
  • Apprehension 2 : Time – It takes years to build a large distribution channel. There’s considerable maintenance cost involved. Again, the time part can be shortened drastically using a digital way.
  • Apprehension 3 : Uncertainty – Doing something for the first time means lots of uncertainty. One needs an expert hand – someone like ” been there, seen it all ” kind who can steer you through all uncertainty during initial days. But appointing an expert hand costs lots of money apart from the trouble of attracting such talent to your organization. There’s an easy solution to this issue also – wait a bit.
  • Apprehension 4 : Distributor Reliability – Can a newly appointed distributor sell ? What happens if he/she fails to sell or worse does not pay ? These are valid concerns and must be addressed before appointing any distributor. One should check track record of a potential distribution partner and enter into an agreement that takes care of money angle and other risks. There’s a proven way of finding experienced channel partners and other helps.

The Solution

Ideal solution should be something where the cost is well known – and fixed. It should not increase with time. The potential channel partners should be matured and experienced, who have been involved in distribution trade for years and know their market very well. And lastly, if some experienced distribution trade professional can help during initial days – that will be great ! is an online platform on distribution trade. It has, manufacturers and importers looking for channel partners on one side – and channel partners (i.e. distributors, dealers, wholesalers, agents, stockists, C&F etc.) on other side. The platform helps the two groups interact with each other and facilitate mutual business – just like for marriage and for jobs.

Locating channel partners in target market is easy – using Vanik search engine one can locate verified channel partners in target markets (state, city, town, district) dealing in given product category. There are over 50,000 verified channel partners on Vanik platform – one can look through them for free and short list potentially useful ones. In addition, Vanik allows its users publish Wanted, Available offers. A manufacturer can post here his/her requirements for attracting channel partners as well as channel partners post here for attracting manufacturers.

Finally, Vanik offers hand holding service for its members by experienced distribution trade professionals who have spent 10-15 years in building distribution channel for national brands. Vanik also offers utilities for creating commercials, model distribution contracts etc. that make life easier.

Cost Of Vanik Service

Vanik offers subscription service for varying duration – Annual, Semi-Annual And Monthly. The service starts from Rs. 1500/- per month. Please visit pricing page for details


Building distribution channel is no longer exclusive preserve of big brands with deep pockets. Any small business can today build pan-India distribution channel and increase customer reach many times over using smart digital way like online distribution platforms.